Monday, 9 April 2012

Wet Bank Holiday Monday

We are still at the Boat Museum and as the rain falls this morning are staying put til at least tomorrow when hopefully the weather improves.
The Easter Gathering of working boats has been quite good - a smaller selection than the last time we were here on our boat in 1995. There is a similar event this year in Droitwich on the newly opened canal which has apparently drawn many of the Midlands boat.

I've enjoyed having a leisurely look around, talking with the boaters about things such as types of wood used for hatches and diesel bug?! The big steam pumping engine was running yesterday as well as some smaller engines. Also saw a JP2 - our engine - in bits in the engine hall. Wow!

Chris had a look around yesterday and met up with Mary who does the bonnets and belts. We had quite a talk with some people in boater's costumes about the authentic type of clothes.
The real ale bar was selling Titanic Ale - so I just had to sample a few - whilst listening to some folk singing. Not quite my thing though still enjoyable for the short while.
I used the Ship AIS web to track shipping coming up the Manchester Ship Canal and went out to see this largish tanker coming up and a tug returning.

We aim to head back tomorrow in what may well be quite a queue - so may stay another day?

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