Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Wonky Webasto!

In June 2011, we got Adam from PB Mechanical to fit a Webasto Thermo Top E in the engine room, right up near the calorifier.
Until just recently, we have had good service from this boiler, including a cold period out on the towpath in the early winter of 2011.

In the last month, I noticed the boiler would cut out before the timer finished – so decided it was time for a service.
Simon the Engineer here at Overwater Marina used a laptop link to test the running under load. The diagnosis gave it was time for a service with the glow plug not efficient.

The Webasto was recorded as having done 1400 hours with a surprising 2030 start ups?
This could be due to the advice received to run the boiler in shorter full load periods.
Simon's advice was to let the boiler run constantly when heating the radiators and let the electronics cycle as programmed. We will have to see next service how it has fared.

Anyway, it needed a new complete burner unit which came with a fitting kit.
Webasto taken off for it's service

Burner unit extracted from the casing

 Wonky burner tube (out of focus) with the carbon deposits in the burner chamber
Back fitted and running – all in an afternoon!

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