Sunday, 24 June 2012

Arriving at St.Martin's - Thurs 21st

The voyage to the Isles of Scilly takes about 2hr 40mins,  more into a heavy sea. Today, our conditions were described as a slight swell, though it rained heavily and we went below. There was a tug and an empty tanker moored off Penzance.

This video clip from the rear deck gives a feel of the swell.
This plaque showing the building of the MSV Scillonian III gives a date of 1977, the same age as our narrowboat! The ferry has had a number of re-fits and improvements since then (as has our boat!).

The lighthouse and rocks at Land's End

It was still raining as we arrived at St.Mary's and awaited for the St.Martin's ferry 'Voyager' to come alongside to take us over to our island home for the month.

St.Mary's Quay!
The campsite managers bring the gear up to to the campsite in their tractor trailor – we walk. Here is all our stuff and the tent erected – facing west?!
How many bags?
It's taken a few days to sort out the internet connections – the campsite is on wifi and happily we have got a signal albeit slow (when the weather is fine!)

Everything seems OK and we have quickly settled in. I've had a swim – cold though bracing! - a bbq on a wonderful Friday evening and a very blustery and rainy night last night! Next week looks reasonable as well?

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