Wednesday, 13 June 2012

June Excitement !

June 1st was the annual Whit Friday Marches, our Rode Hall Silver Band followed the Tameside series of venues, marching and then playing the 'Castel Coch' March we have been practising - the Band Marches!
We had great time and the weather was kind. Overall we played well and came 39th out of the 50 or so competing bands.

The following weekend has been the family coming together for the Great Grandparents 60th Wedding Anniversary - really quite an achievement! We gathered with Laura and Bill's longstanding family friends and the three children with two husbands, four grandchildren with partners/wife and four great grandchildren!
People came up from London, down from Durham and over from Lisbon, Portugal.

Chris and her sister had decorated the room and the tables and organised the '60 Years Together' Cake and flowers.
The Happy Diamond Couple!
It certainly makes me think what the future holds for Chris and I into the future?!

Here I am giving a small speech to the camera person - and yes I am also sixty (one)!
Cassandra our daughter over from Lisbon is in the background with her partner Jorge.

And so onto the next stage of our early June excitement - preparing for our West Country Tour!
Motorvan with new Awning - Drive Away type

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