Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Rocks and Rescuers!

When over at Lynton, we always get to the Valley of the Rocks – a curious dry valley just behind the cliffs. We saw a number of the goats that roam here and I spotted a pair of sparrowhawks on the wing. The valley resembles our north Derbyshire gritstone area?

Picnic time!

Grandparent sandwich!
Daniel then drove the rather hairy coast lane – sheer drop to the sea! - to meet up with the road to Ilfracombe, another favourite place of ours. This time the crabs were on the menu?

We saw a number of interesting boats, including the service vessel to Lundy Island, a trio of local trawlers and a harbour full of assorted craft.
MV Oldenburgh

I was told by the fisherman that one trawler had just been 'banned' from Welsh waters as being 'too big'? They trawl about 50 – 100 miles off-shore and the fish are boxed up and sent to Bideford for selling. He buys up what he needs there and then sells it at their quayside shop back at Ilfracombe as 'fresh fish!'
Heavy duty tackle being prepared.
Whilst we were there, the lifeboat was launched – a Mersey Class 12-007. I wasn't sure if this was an exercise too? It was soon down the ramp and into the sea and shot off from the harbour and round the headland.

After about 45 minutes, the lifeboat was back and to my surprise, they proceeded to drag it up the beach near the ramp!

It then poured with rain and we went for fish and chips – inside!

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