Sunday, 23 September 2012

Lingering in Lovely Lancs!

Now back on the boat after our time with family in Durham, we tested the new Reduction Box that Adam from PB Mechanical has fitted over the summer. The plan was to take a run up the Leeds and Liverpool for a day and then return. This would give a reasonable chance to experience the new gear box ratio.
Lister Reduction Box 3R2:1

We had a lovely day's cruising up through the 7 locks of Johnson's Hillock and went onto the visitor moorings at Withnell Fold.
These are opposite an old mill that has some continued use as industrial units.
I noticed a Planning Notice that intends to demolish much of the old site and build 37 new houses! They intend to keep the iconic chimney.
There was also considerable swathes of the Himalayan Balsam – despite the reported attempts to remove its impact, it's difficult to see how it will be eradicated.

On the way back south, I was interested in how the bridges were painted with the arch highlighted in white – together with the addition of a vertical white stripe to mark the apparently offset centre of navigation.
The Botany Bay Mill

The Skipper in green wellies – less Lancs more Cheshire!

The following day we headed for NewSprings, above Wigan.
We cruised through GWC (Lancs – Nige please note!)

Haigh Hall Bridge
A Beautiful Lancs sunset



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