Sunday, 30 September 2012

Wigan Flight - Down!

After the rain comes – showers!
We had a prompt start and took the short hop to Wigan Lock. Being an eager beaver, instead of getting services at the top, I decided to do this at the bottom.
Our downhill locking was uneventful, passing 2 single and a pair, most of the lower locks were in our favour, though a few leaked so badly this was no advantage.

Wigan Locks – BW numbering and the original stone carved

The Wigan Flight in a rural setting
The Wigan Flight in a rubbish strewn setting
The Steerer, happy at her position
The soaking!
The Leeds and Liverpool has a range of lock mechanisms, some stiff to move. Here are a couple of the most unusual!
Ground paddle with spiral gearing – easy to operate
Chain and drum mechanism for gate closing

Rack and pinion mechanism for gate opening
Having got to the bottom of the 21 locks, we turned and reversed to the Services. How useless were these – the water point being hidden in the toilet bock and beyond our lengthy hose. I now wish I had got the water on at the top!

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