Sunday, 23 December 2012

Early Winter 2012 – Ice and Anticipation!

We've had one spell of cold weather, sufficient to ice the Marina pool over. With prolonged sub-zero temperatures, the marina turn off and drain the water supply pipes as these run under the pontoon and are therefore vulnerable. We topped up our tank (about 170 gallons) and have an electric fan heater we leave on frost protection – a benefit of being on mains hook-up in the Marina.

2cm thick ice

Boatman's Cabin fire lit

Having enjoyed this year's Carol Concert playing with Rode Hall Silver Band, we headed to Durham to stop with our Northern Woollies.

The occasion (apart from the exchange of the families' presents) was to enjoy our Grandson's nursery Nativity Play – held in the local church and excellent it was too.

The whole of the nursery group; children, parents, grandparents, helpers and friends walked through the driving rain to their warm and welcoming village hall for a cup of tea and Christmas bites.

And then a special Christmas visitor arrived and gave out a seasonal present to each Nursery child – being an educational establishment – FC brought a book (and chocolates)!

For us adults, we had the pleasure of sharing the excitement of the little ones, and memories re-kindled of past enjoyment at this great time.

So, in anticipation of the festive occasion, I wish you all a Happy Christmas, wherever you are and whatever you are doing!

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