Friday, 28 December 2012

Running (Strictly Style!) - 27th December

Sir Bruce: Although this is a last run of 2012, it's also the 1st of the new season.
Anton will be performing the post–festive jog along the muddy canal towpath, a 55 minute, 7km slowstep.

Sir Bruce: Here he is in training!
Finishing a very wet Great North Run – in my road running era – in 1980?
Sir Bruce: Well done indeed – marvellous to see such enthusiasm in the rain! Over to you Len.

Len: I like to see the contestants having a go – and you certainly did that for me.
Yes, it could have had more balance and flowed more but for a first run it was a solid beginning to the season. Well done son!
Bruno: Anton – you dark horse – going out at 3.30pm in the almost dark.
A slowstep of slithering simplicity safely shuffled. Go for it – you know you can do more!

Craig: Your steps were lumpy and stacato, you completely stopped at the benches
for a stretch and slipped several times. However, you showed more movement on the return. Not a complete disaster darling!

Darcy: Plenty of enthusiasm for such a difficult first dance. I would have liked to have seen  more poise in the upper body, work on your core will help.

Sir Bruce: Plenty of suggestions there – off you go.

Tess: Craig said 'your steps were lumpy and stacato'.

Me: I can agree to that – I was uncertain how it would go after the festive fun. The return section was better and I felt more at ease coming back. I can certainly improve.
Tess: The scores are in!

Craig – 5 ; Darcy – 6 ; Len – 7 ; Bruno – 7

Sir Bruce: Til next week then, keep running!!

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