Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Winter 2013 arrives!

With the colder weather arriving, especially with clear evening skies, we have some great sunsets.

Sunset over the marina

I have lit the boatman's cabin stove to give some heat at the back of the boat!

Chimney smoking!
Warm glow from the cabin doors

Early winter also means our Rode Hall Silver Band is fully engaged in practice for the Leicestershire Brass Band Contest.

We have all been practising hard and put in a last, full band, rehearsal at the church in Congleton. Chris came along to listen and thought the piece – Music for a Festival by Philip Sparke – sounded great!


 Front row

Lower band section  

Cornets and Nigel, our Conductor

We set off on the band coach to Leicester on Sunday and took to the contest stage in our 4th Section.

Overall, we came 7th out of the 14 bands entered – a creditable performance for a harder piece of music this year. Nigel our Conductor is to be congratulated for his musicianship and leadership in taking this on – of course we were disappointed that we didn't get a higher placing. However, we did make mistakes! The Adjudicator made many positive comments about our playing which was pleasing.

Proud Rode Hall Silver Bandsman!

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