Monday, 14 April 2014

Bees a Buzzing! Spring in Kent 2014

With the warmer weather having arrived, the bees in the garden here in Kent are much more active.
The Beekeeper came round to check on them – and I helped!

Firstly the wire fencing and netting was removed – this protected the hives from hungry woodpeckers. Then the mouse guards needed to be taken off the fronts.

Showing the mouse guard
Showing the entrance restricters – put on in the winter to maintain warmth
Lighting the fuel in the smoker
Ready to go!
Lifting the roof
Removing the remnants of the winter sugar and extra pollen feed
This hive is very active and the bees have expanded into the top section 

Looking for the queen bee – in order to mark her for easy subsequent inspection

Out of the five hives, three were doing very well, one seemed down on new brood (the eggs of new bees) and one seemed to have lost it's queen for some reason!

All-in-all very interesting and something which I think I could take to – perhaps?!

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