Saturday, 1 November 2014

Cheviot Original Mountain Marathon Oct 2014 - Day 1

Cheviot Original Mountain Marathon Oct 2014

Daniel and I ventured up to the north east on the last weekend of October to have our annual challenge on the Mountain Marathon. As in the last couple of years we entered the Medium Score Event which takes 2 days to complete - 6 hours on the Saturday and 5 hours on Day 2 on Sunday.

This year we had a very early start at 8.09am, so having packed away our overnight camping gear, we kitted up and headed up the valley to the start.

Day 1
At the start - the weather was gentle at this point!

Reaching the hill top of Sneer Hill 1450ft - the wind was strong on the exposed tops

A view looking east across Kidland Forest

Dan wrapped up in the wind!

Another view across the forest
This middle section on Day 1 went through the centre of the forest on tracks - we made good time here

We're heading down there

Out onto the open moor - at 1640 feet and climbing

Here I get ahead as we drop to a check point - see the sun on the hills in the distance!

Inside the tent at the halfway camp - happily getting out of the very strong winds. Here is my kit laid out with our food in the plastic bags.

Time for a brew!

Dan seems cosy in his sleeping bag!
A photo of the overnight camp taken from high up the hill - we used a sheep hill farm as a base for the night
Results for Day 1: 320 points 14.2 miles and 3450ft climb - 97th out of 170


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