Sunday, 2 November 2014

Cheviot Original Mountain Marathon Oct 2014 - Day 2 and Finish

Cheviot Original Mountain Marathon Oct 2014 - Day 2 and Finish

Our Sunday course was for 5 hours to get back to the finish.
Happily we were only a little stiff/sore and started at 8.00am in the wind and rain!

You are only given the map with the check points that can be gained for points after starting. We made a bit of an error by charging off without properly lining the map up to magnetic north and got the wrong side of a barbed-wire fence before realising and getting back to find our first control.

We made another navigation choice error but made good time until a further error by me reading the detail on the indistinct map - should have gone to Specsavers! - and missed a couple of check points.
Still, we finished with a bit of a run - with our best result yet over the three years we have done the mountain marathon since I retired.

Looking back to the overnight campsite - it's 7.30am!

Dan walks up the field - windy and raining!

At least we got to the Day 2 Start!

Looking north

Wrapped up against the weather - glasses needed to read the indistinct/poor map

Following a fence line to help navigation -  the answer to a FB query, our jackets are full of our food for the day's efforts and extra hats/gloves. Dan has tucked his map into the straps of the rucksack

Looking down a valley where tree felling has taken place

We climb up through a felled area

Only to slither down this steep slope - it is much steeper that it looks!

Looking across at the sheep farm from last night

Dan checks the map - "it must be down from here?"

I'm having a breather!
Final run in - pleased to have finished!

Back at the Event Centre - a well deserved rest!
Results for Day 2: 200 points  with 13.2 miles and 2680ft climb 
Overall Results:  520 points - 55% of the Winners (up from 39% last year!)
                             116th out of only 164th finishers
                             52nd Vet Team


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  1. Now you know why I don't come walking with you!!