Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Wells Cathedral Visit Mar 2015

Last week, whilst in Somerset, we went over to the City of Wells - the smallest city in England! The main purpose was to visit the delightful Wells Cathedral, set in the cathedral close with the green in front.
We stopped for tea and cakes on the café and spent a splendid long afternoon looking around. Having bought a photographic ticket, we were able to take many photos.

The icing on the cake was waiting til the Evensong and participating in an age-old religious ceremony going back to medieval times - sung by the excellent Vicar's Choir.

Here are some photos:
The gatehouse to the Bishop's Palace - we will have to visit here again and do in here ...
Having parked our motorvan - Chris patiently waits outside the Penniless Porch c1450(where the City's beggars plied their trade)
Through the Gate to view the magnificent frontage of Wells Cathedral
Built between 1175 and 1490 - on the site of an earlier 705 Abbey Church
In the Early English Gothic style - this west façade has about 300 hundred surviving statues
Looking through at the inner cloister courtyard
The ornate painted roof of the Nave


This photo shows the Astronomical Circular Clock dated from about 1325 - the second oldest medieval clock in Engalnd

Looking east, past the High Altar to the Lady Chapel

The magnificent East Window

We had the privilege of participating in Evensong seated here

Following some subsidence of the central tower, these 'scissor' stone supports were erected

After Evensong, we emerged to this glorious view at sunset!
For detailed information about Wells Cathedral - see this link


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  1. My home town good to see it through someone elses eyes. Thanks for sharing.