Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Visit to Tresco 3 - Isles of Scilly July 2015

West Country Tour 2015
Visit to Tresco - Isles of Scilly   
Part 3

After a rest out of the sun (and a beer), I headed around the south part of Tresco Island.
Here are some of the photos I took.

A beautiful Barbara Hepworth sculpture on the lawn by the shop complex

A view west to the uninhabited island of Samson
Sitting at the foot of the impressive monument to Tresco's premier family - the Dorrian-Smith's who took the lease of Tresco from the Duchy of Cornwall in the 19th century
A nostalgic photo of the old helicopter pad - now disused.
Visitors have to fly in the small 12 seaters or come on the Scillonian III passengers ferry

'children playing' - a modern sculpture in the Abbey Gardens

Attractive gardens outside the Tresco Abbey

These are bracken beaters! Rather than cutting the extensive bracken which only stimulates more growth - the beater breaks and bashes it, to slow and diminish growth

A view across Old Grimsby harbour - there appear to be more boats at anchor this year.
The small island behind is called Northwethel

Looking across to Lawrence Bay on St.Martin's Island.
Our campsite beach is directly ahead

The island boat Voyager arrives to take us back to St.Martin's


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