Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Leading the Ramblers over Caer Caradoc October 2015

Leading the Ramblers over Caer Caradoc
Shropshire October 2015

I am having immense pleasure walking with the North and Mid-Cheshire Ramblers - including the privilege of leading a group of experienced walkers.
My walk leading this month was in Shropshire, from the delightful village of Cardington across to The Lawley.

Setting off - with me as Leader clutching the map 

The summit of The Lawley at 377m, 1237ft
Looking back down Lawley - a view north
Our lunch stop, just over the top of Caer Caradoc at the foot of the Bronze Age Fort.
The climb up to the top from the road crossing is a majestic 770ft,  a Shropshire summit of 429m,1506ft. This view is looking east to Hope Bowdler Hill and Shropshire's highest top of Brown Clee Hill in the far distance
Descending the 'whale back' ridge

A westerly view over to the Long Mynd


Looking south, descending on soft turf - a pleasure!

The strange, yet aptly named three finger rocks
Looking back up to Caer Caradoc ridge
A great day's walking - 11.5 miles and 3021ft of climb


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