Friday, 12 February 2016

Moorland Mini Marathon - Feb 2016

The Rab Mini Mountain Marathon - 7th Feb 2016

Together with my son, Daniel, we have been competing in mountain marathon navigation events for many years - e.g. see this link of our second day on the Scottish Borders.
We have decided to get some extra training and navigation experience under competition pressures and have chose this Rab sponsored event in the Dark Peak, starting at Totley just outside Sheffield.

Just after the start, walking up to the moor past the line of parked cars.
We started at 8.35am and had 4 hours to find and check as many controls as we could to get a total score of points

Now on the moor, following a track - always time for a photo!

Similar photo - it was quite cold so in full gear with hat and gloves

As we approach this control, Dan jumps the stream

These events are run on orienteering lines - so this control is no. 5 - stream junction and worth 30 points. You can see we carried light running rucksacks with a water bottle and food plus extra winter clothes/survival sack

Crossing the moor on a track, we came across this pillar marked 'Sheffield' - and a couple of other (younger) runners. Notice Dan has not waited and gone on ahead!

The open Dark Peak moor

Another view looking northwards - and something in the trees

Red deer on the move

Dan approaches the next control  - on the moor crag edge

The millstone grit rocks have those lovely weathered shapes

Dan searches for the control - described as 'tall rock in rocky ravine'!
It took us some time to find this - worth the maximum of points though

On our way back now, on top of Totley Moor. This control is at the foot of a tunnel shaft.
As we approached, there was the smell of diesel exhaust and the smoke blowing from the top - presumably a loco below

Back at the Finish

We were a couple of minutes over the allotted 4 hours so had 2 points deducted to give us 208 points overall. The events caters for solo fell runners as well as pairs.
Overall we came 146th out of 223 entrants and a commendable 26th out of the 60 in the team event.
Why a mini marathon? - because we covered the half-marathon distance of 13.5 miles in 4 hours and climbed 1817 feet!!

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  1. Well done Team Woolford, proud of you both!! xx