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Lister JP2M Engine Maintence Mar 2016

Lister JP2M Engine Maintence Mar 2016

The last time our JP2 was looked at was in May 2011 for a check by Adam from PB Mechanicals in Chorley - Leeds and Liverpool Canal.
This was at 390 engine hours and since then we have had some longer cruises and are now at 1390 hours. The JP2M is a re-built marine version with new pistons and re-metalled bearings.

This summer 2016 we are heading down the Grand Union to London and onto the River Thames, so an engine maintenance check is in order.
Richard of A. R. Milligan Marine Engineering was recommended by a fellow moorer here at Overwater Marina. He has a JK3 and is very pleased with Richard's service.

I wanted a general check over, particularly the tappets and the slow running - and anything else spotted?!

Engine room cleared of ropes, coats, boots etc, ready for the work!
You can see the JP sitting in it's own engine room - the dial ahead is the oil pressure, partly obscured by the day tank rotary pump handle which draws diesel through from the main aft tank to the day tank.
On the left is the Webasto Central Heating Boiler, also running on diesel, with it's own filter

Here the two rocker covers are removed to adjust the tappets - no.2 was definitely out

This shows the diesel control linkage removed

A view of the injector pump with the side access plate removed. Plenty of WD40 was sprayed in and the control rod cleaned, then oiled

A new gasket is cut and replaced

Showing the Diesel Control Spindle - complete with the two new tensioning springs.
In the foreground is the water pump gearing

Last job was to renew the diesel filter. The old one turned out to be quite clean as it happens - which is good! Helped by the day tank pump drawing fuel from the main tank when settled in the morning.

We then ran the engine - it sounded sweet and Richard set the idler, albeit the engine was still rather cold as it takes quite a while to get hot.
We had a discussion about the correct running temperature so more thought there and a smart brass temperature gauge maybe - work for the future.

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