Saturday, 16 April 2016

Dining Delight - 65th Fun! NYMR Pullman Apr 2016

65th Birthday Fun on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway Pullman - April 2016

Many people say that as you get older, birthdays come round quicker but become less important to celebrate?!
For whatever reason, my recent 65th Birthday has been quite significant!
Perhaps it's reaching the 'official' retirement age and am now an OAP!

We stop-over at the Pickering Antiques Yard, North Yorkshire

 Our Murvi Motorvan in the Yard

Just in case you need to know where you are?!

This will be our Pullman Car for the next day's trip

Stanier Black Five 45428 pulls out of Pickering. Built in 1937 by Armstrong Whitworth Engineers in Newcastle upon Tyne

No. 63395 was built at Darlington North Road Works in 1918.
No. 63395 is owned by the North Eastern Locomotive Preservation Group (NELPG) who take care of the repair work needed to keep this locomotive running. No. 63395 is in regular use along NYMR. This will be our loco for the next day.

Advertising works!

We got the regular service train down to Grosmont - departing Platform 3 at 13.30pm

The starting station for our Pullman Dining Delight!

Ready to board!

Framed by curious napkins!

Everything gets ordered in advance

An appropriate birthday beer!

Maybe we'll come on my 79th birthday?

The Pullman Coach No.79 - ready to go!

This is the oldest of the NYMR Pullman coaches - with beautiful woodwork

A view down the plush Pullman interior

Awaiting the signal?

We enjoyed a beautiful, sunny day - a view of the moors

A nostalgic drink!

The end! 
A lovely card from my loverly wife!

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  1. A fabulous day to celebrate your 65th with lots of memories of time here with the children and grandchildren xx