Monday, 2 May 2016

Up and Over at Overwater Marina April 2016

Widebeam Show Boat moves South April 2016

The Elton Moss widebeam, on show for sometime here at Overwater Marina, has been sold and was due to be taken on the low-loader down to the Kennet and Avon Canal.
Here are some pictures of the morning's lift and load.

Crane and lorry arrive at Overwater Marina

3 into 2 ?

I was told this weighs in at about 24 tons

Lining up the lifting cradle - driver plus 2 men did the job

This photo shows the lorry being extended to accommodate the length of the boat.
The low-loader lorry is called a trombone outfit!

The lorry was moved forward into position

There was a short delay - whilst some heavy steel plates were brought from the farm

This photo shows the steel plate spreading the weight under the outrig leg - this to protect the tarmac road

All ready for the lift

The lorry was then reversed under the boat

Carefully lowered into position

Job done!!

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