Wednesday, 16 January 2013

January Micro Cruise!

January 6th Overwater Marina

When we came into the Overwater Marina in October, we had asked for a bow-in berth.
The idea was that we would use the front hold as our entry into the boat. In fact, this hasn't happened and even for our visitors, we have used the stern deck and boarded through the Boatman's Cabin. This is better for wet jackets and shoes etc.

Autumn berth looking across the marina pool
With the dark nights and icy weather, the walk to the end of the pontoon to step onto the back has a certain heart raising aspect.
Also, we seem to be hidden from the Vodafone signal more than before.

So we asked to move to a stern-in berth and have been allocated back to our first 2011 berth on K9. Already this feels better and is more convenient and will be safer when the snow comes?  When our grandchildren stop over, it will be safer for them.

Back to K9, tucked in!  
Our boat viewed from the opposite bank – we have the black sheeted hold and the elegant TV ariel (good signal)

So on 6th January, we took a wintry Mini Cruise around the marina. Several boaters have warned about the challenge of squeezing into a stern-in berth – some claiming it is impossible with even the slightest breeze! Anyhow, we managed it well this time!

 Shortest cruise ever?!

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