Sunday, 21 April 2013

Where are the Boats?

Out and About at Salford Quays.

Last Tuesday was boat movement day here at Overwater Marina, when boats whose work is completed are re-floated and another batch of boats brought up to the workshop hardstanding. We have been here for 2 weeks now.

Our boat was moved – though to a different position on the hardstanding – next to the workshop. This is in readiness for the gas locker welding work needed.

Our boat being loaded onto the trailer

Removing the chocks
I had a long-standing dentist appointment in Manchester, so left the Engineers to it.

As we were to be in Manchester, we had arranged to meet up with some friends near Salford Quays. Chris went on early, while I had a walk around the Quays.

Effectively, this area has been completely re-vitalised from the old docks.
It was officially re-opened by Kenneth Baker, Minister for the Environment in May 1986.
The area continues to fascinate me with the range of buildings slotted next to the old quays.

The 'newish' lift bridge from the Lowry piazza to the south bank and the War Museum

The Imperial War Museum North – looking along the Manchester Ship Canal, westwards

The Rank Hovis Mill, behind the Museum

The Manchester Ship Canal was opened by Queen Victoria in 1894 and the Manchester Docks became the 3rd busiest port in Britain, until the decline of the 1970's.

Iconic, and rather rusty, dock cranes – a sentimental nod to the past

Striking architecture

Huron Basin – but where are the boats?

You may be aware that the BBC has re-located here from London, to the new Media City.

Metro links to Greater Manchester

The choppy canal water, overlooked by the Museum

The Lowry Theatre, opened in 2000. Spot the trip boat!

The only other boat around! HMS69 is a party trip boat

Back to the Marina – here is our new location next to the workshop.
We are scheduled to have the gas locker work done this next week!?

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