Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Bluebell Steam Railway – East Sussex February 2014

Whilst we are down in Kent, we wanted to go to the Bluebell Railway.
I had been there just the once before, many years ago.

As it was Half-term we had the pleasure of our Granddaughter with us.
What a wet day! Fortunately, the comfort of a warm, steam heated compartment did the job!

Restored to 1920's, the Southern Region Horsted Keynes Station
The first loco of the two train timetable: U Class 2-6-0, Maunsell 1931 Southern Region loco

There are only 4 left in preservation now out of the 50 built. They were able to operate over most of the Southern Railway network, gaining the nickname “U -boats” after the submarine warfare of the First World War as they could go anywhere. With a British Railway power classification of 4P3F, they continued to operate with BR until 1966.

The Fireman gets up onto the coal
A view from the cab
Coming north into Horsted Keynes Station – see link
Note the signal gantry gives the Platform Number
Permanent Way work

It belted with rain for the run north with the U Class easily dealing with a gradient of 1 in 55 at it's steepest. We went through the new cutting at Imberhorne on the newish route to East Grinstead. It was interesting to see the depth of rubbish tip that had to be cut away.

A view of the 'rubbish tip' cutting – see clip of 1638 through the cutting
Arriving at East Grinstead
Signalling with white 'backplate'
Our second loco was No. 263, the South East and Chatham Railway's 1905 H Class.
We travelled in a 4 – coach train, again in the rain though the steam heating kept us warm.
No.263 at Sheffield Park Station

Grandma and Granddaughter enjoying the delights of steam travel
Father and Son 

Steam train enthusiasts! Last passengers!

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