Sunday, 17 August 2014

Til the Cows Come Home at the Pig Place 2014

Our Summer Cruise 2014

From Banbury to The Pig Place
Days 54 - 56   5.5 miles, 3 locks and 1 lift bridge

We left the centre of Banbury for the second time and negotiated the lift bridge and town lock to head southwards - only for 10 minutes as we moored for Morrisons!
We needed to stock up as we head into the country again.

Passing under another of the (open) lift bridges

Old lift bridge and modern M40 in the distance

Heading towards the M40 - which accompanies the canal (with the background noise)

Chris having a rest at Grants Lock

The locks south of Banbury are generally deeper - here at Grants Lock at 9' 6"

Looking back at the large bottom gate - single gates south of Banbury

A view of the lock and bridge combination

This is Kings Sutton Lock at a 10' 8" and so needs a long lock beam. To make it easier to close, there is an extra ledge to walk/push round

Lift Bridge No.182 - this one does need opening, here by another helpful boater

We came to the Pig Place and decided to call in for an ice-cream! Then decided to stop the night with mains electric hook up for £12

Some of the pigs

This rooster was not to be outdone!

Rare breed Gloucestershire Old Spot
Silver Shadow II 1977

The famous Rolls Royce figure head

A late evening photo - moored at the  Pig Place

We saw the advert for the Mikron Theatre coming up the Oxford Canal - happily coming into the Pig Place. So we pushed over to the towpath and awaited the day of the show.
Here the Mikron's narrowboat arrives - and gets stuck on the mud edge due to the low pound

Mikron edges forward and into the pontoon

A Yarwood of Northwich 1937 Grand Union Carrying Co. Boat

Getting ready for the 'Til the Cows Come Home' show - absolutely excellent and highly recommended!

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