Thursday, 24 May 2012

Slow Boat to Costa del Dunham

We have continued our travels northwards via an overnight stop in Middlewich to go shopping/PO.
Although I say it myself, I made a text book left turn out of the Wardle Lock to head down through Middlewich towards Northwich. The weather was cold and dismal, reflecting the industrial scenes of the old and current salt industry.

Stopping overnight at the Lion Salt Works (work in progress to renovate it), I met up with on old Quintet mate for some beers and a chat in The Salt Barge.
The next day was warmer and the start of this lovely sunny spell. Further north, past Anderton are a series of tunnels, not exactly straight either!
                                          Will we fit?
                                          Yes! There is light at the end of the tunnel.
                                          Emerging into daylight!
Progressing slowly along this Brindley 1777 contour canal (and therefore twisty), we emerged from another tunnel - Preston Brook - to duck under the M56 and now onto the Bridgewater Canal. This is wide and deep with mainly sweeping bends and a delight to navigate. We last came this way in 1993 in our first boat!
Making good progress with the sun on our backs we stopped on the impressive Dunham embankment, near Dunham Massey Hall.
This was a perfect spot to spend for 3 days - I got on with some more painting and Chris worked at her cardmaking. A perfect Costa del Dunham! We had our first bbq of the year.
                                             A glimpse of the card maker's den!
                                              Watching the riggers scale the heights!
Next, the Slow Boat to Wigan!

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