Thursday, 17 May 2012

Sun = Painting May 2012

We've left the Marina and are on our Early Summer Cruise up to PB Mechanical - in order to get some gearbox and assorted engineering done.
The run north through Nantwich (umbrella up job) and Barbridge is familiar yet very pleasant and I made the turn at Barbridge Junction in two goes without hitting (a record?). The weather improved with the sun showing between clouds scudding across the Cheshire Plain, a couple of buzzards came to inspect out intentions and a heron was clearly put out as we moored up on it's spot!
The visitor moorings above Cholmondeston Lock are lengthy and I pulled in at the near end, well out of the way.
The weather looking good tomorrow (Wed).
As the BBC said, Wed's weather was sunny and on our NE aligned mooring, sheltered being the tall towpath hedge from any wind.
Sun = Paint!
At last I managed to get the next step done in revamping the tired port forward side panel. We had decided to take out the stripe and go for a single panel colour. The rubbing down was done earlier and having masked everything up, on went the paint. I use a roller and 3" brush technique, with Johnstone's Trade paint.
Definitely an improvement, even at this undercoat stage.
I'm a very amateur, though 'needs must' painter and improving my skills as I go, helped by the excellent skilled advice from Phil Speight. A professional paint job is beyond our means, so I do the best I can. Perhaps, at some point, getting into a painting dock under cover will be worthwhile - until then it's all done when the weather allows from the canal towpath.
Writing this on Thursday morning, painting yesterday was a good shout as today - more rain!

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