Thursday, 23 May 2013

The Final Day of 2013's Docking

May 22nd was our final working day in the dock area.

Jobs completed included fitting the wooden hold decking with screws, painting up the odd bits still showing bare wood/screws with red oxide, painting the underside of the king board, giving the cratch board a white undercoat, and touching up the starboard kitchen doors ready for re-fitting.

A very red hold decking!

The other major part of the day was undertaking our 4 year Boat Safety Scheme (BSS) assessment. Guy Holding, from Portland Basin (link) kindly came over to Audlem. He has done our BSS since we bought the boat, so has seen many changes/improvements. As always, Guy is a mine of helpful information.

I had a minor scare as our gas test 'wobbled' on a first test. Simon the Engineer responded quickly testing the joints – which had been tested previously – and must have said something to the gas system?!

A second (prolonged) test showed no problems – a gas system mystery?!

Anyway, the boat passed it's Boat Safety and we now have our 4 year Certificate ready for the July renewal of the licence.

Later in the day, the ducklings were on 'walk about' – growing all the time.

Others on 'walk about' – or should that be paddling about? - were the intrepid Morris brothers, secretly testing their prototype raft for the forthcoming Raft Race.

 In choppy marina waters, the Morris brothers panic and head for the slipway - shovelling as fast as they can!
The Raft Race is part of the Audlem RNLI Festival 1st/2nd June, here at Overwater Marina.

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