Tuesday, 7 May 2013

There's Painting and PAINTING!

We have come to the end of our 5 weeks docking.

The new gas locker is fabricated and I am very pleased with the neat welding work and tidying up of the locker bulk head done by Simon together with a new gas pipe shut-off, armoured pipe and regulator. Alan, also from Overwater Services Gas Safe tested the gas system and gave advice on ventilation, in advance of our Boat Safety Examination later this month.
We now have the gas locker for two 13kg bottles and a dry locker.

I finished the weekend painting up the locker and preparing the boat to go back into the water this week.
Posh painting of one of the top lights

Gas locker and red oxide primer

Gas locker front with angle bar footing for the new wooden platform to go over the (white) water tank

The bow painted up – 'starters' before the bow pattern

Also see the tarpaulin over the cratch board as a 'temporary' measure to keep the rain out!

We left Cheshire to travel up to our Durham Co. family.
They live just a short drive from the Shildon Locomotion Railway Museum [link ] and so a brief visit was in order.

My son had been down to see the A4 Dominion of Canada, in an undercoat.

Today, the No. 4489 A4 was in it's garter blue finery.

Work in progress for the July 3rd Great Gathering of the 6 remaining A4's at York

The Dominion's unique bell – a Canadian Pacific Railroad type bell – put on in June 1937 when re-named from the original 'Woodcock' to the Coronation Commonwealth A4's
The bell was apparently operated by steam!

Shiny LNER (in stainless steel lettering) tender
 Another shiny loco – the Duchess of Hamilton in streamlined 1938 newly built colours




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