Friday, 3 May 2013

Welding and Painting!

We are now into our 5th week of our extended docking.
The Tuesday boat turn around saw the paint shed empty and us alone.

Tues at 10.00am

Tues at 12.00 noon

The next boat coming in for painting is nb Foxglove, a 70ft Roger Fuller Tug with a lovely throaty Gardener 2LW. The skill and care taken by the engineering team to get this big boat into position was pretty amazing to watch.

nb Foxglove waiting it's turn

Loaded and underway

Simon, the engineer, with a cheery wave!

Swinging 70ft
Reversing in

At an awkward angle – driver Gary makes it look easy!
Tight fit though!

Almost there!
As this week has seen improving weather, I have taken the opportunity of our extended stay on the hardstanding and next to the paint shed to get a lot of painting done.

At last, the rear panels have a second (and final) coat of dark grey gloss.
With much appreciated help from Alex from the paintshed!

The replacement gas locker is nearing completion – hopefully in time for re-launch next week?!

Still work in progress!












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