Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Work in Progress!

We have been back in the water for a couple of weeks now, in the 'wet dock' area.

On the wet dock

Warmed by the evening sun

Spring ducklings for company
I have been working on the boat pretty much full-time, often into the evenings.
Painting jobs have been coming on and our colour scheme is extending through the boat.
It is a slow process to do thoroughly.

Kitchen doors painted up
The other major activity has been to 're-instate' the wooden floor deck in the front hold – removed when I investigated the source of water getting in.
This resulted in pulling forward the water tank and cleaning up, rust proofing and re-painting the fore hold and tank.
I also re-designed how the sheets are attached to the hold (subject of a future blog!) in order to keep dry!

Archive photo of the saloon during our diy refit – showing the hold - 2007

Archive photo showing the water tank and rusty hold 2008

Water tank boxed-in with the 3x2” framing 2013

At the wet dock, I can spread out onto the hard bank and make some nose and dust!
Yesterday it was drizzling. Rob the Boat Joiner is also working on a boat next door – he comes fully equipped!

Rob's professional set-up

Anton's diy set-up

After much measuring, sawing, planning – oops, sawing and in and out the boat:

Deck planks laid ready

These were then varnished (2 coats) on the back and painted in red oxide – today they get fitted!

A pleasant diversion – the tug Zephyr being re-floated after it's blacking docking.

 Simon and Gary – our happy engineers – job done!

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