Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Painting 'Makeover' June 2016

Paint Jobs on the Boat May-June 2016

I gave myself a couple of weeks to get as much painting doe as possible - before our extended summer cruise to London this year.

The main project was to sand out the panel stripe on the starboard side and overpaint a rather poorly finished mid panel.
Thankfully, the weather has been pretty good for outside painting (leaving aside the smell of white spirit/paint through the boat), so I have been able to tackle some outstanding jobs as well! Here are the photos of my efforts!

Sanding out the panel stripe, using wet and dry to avoid dust

To the skip - the old top light

The front hold has become a temporary paint workshop

Prep and primer on the top sides

Undercoating the undersides in white - helps reflect the light into the boat
Undercoat on the topsides

Our newish reduction box - cleaned up ready for priming

With masked up brass bolts, the undercoat is on

With the engine room step off, it gets a  new coat of raddle red

Painted in Craftmaster Light Grey, with Black scallops

The elm top light frames get a fresh coat of Danish Oil

Set back into position - with some ventilation!

Back outside - the side panel has it's primer
With the porthole masked up , the undercoat goes on

And the top coat on Craftmaster Graphite Grey

This photo shows the gash on the bow - sustained on a lock on the River Avon.
Here rubbed down ready for paint repair!

Rust proofer and primer on over the gash

Painting in the colours - Oxford Blue for the diamond

Having turned the boat, now nose into the jetty, the bow is painted up

The rear counter and tunnel bands get a paint makeover.
Lots of 'leaning over' needed here!

A further indoor job - painting up the throttle control gear

The stern door get masked up and ready primed

Looking good when painted up - with authentic Midlands decoration!

Boat painting improving his tan!

nb Song of the Waterways looking pretty good now - complete with flowers.
All set for our summer cruise 2016 to London!

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