Monday, 20 June 2016

Shropshire Union Delights June 2016

Our Summer Cruise to London 2016

To Norbury Junction June 2016

Day 2 Stayed on the Market Drayton Visitor Moorings - a very wet day
Day 3 Heading south to Norbury Junction 11 miles 5 locks
Day 4 Moored at Norbury Junction
Day 5 Moored at Norbury Junction

The depression had passed through and the day proved to be warm with some sun.
We were heading for Norbury, where we often stop on this route. On this occasion, to also meet my brother with the car for a Saturday morning of rugby and some shopping!
Firstly though, we had the notorious Tyrley Locks to ascend.

Notorious because of the by-weirs on locks 5 and 4 being angled across the entrance to the locks. There was also considerable water flowing down due to the recent rain!

Chris waits below Tyrley Lock No. 5 in the delightful sandstone cutting

Repairs needed!

The ferocious bywash - coloured sandy brown from the field run-offs after the heavy rain

Entering the Tyrley Top Lock - Chris steered extremely well.
Chris 4 - Tyrley By-weirs 1

The delightful Tyrley Lock Cottages

This is the deep and impressive Woodseaves Cutting.
Towpath and sandbagged retaining walls are new

A recent incident

With a deep cutting comes a High Bridge No.57

These working boats moor at the historic Cadbury's Wharf at Knighton.
nb Starling is a 1936 Yarwoods of Northwich built motor, trading out of Trafford Park, Manchester. Sometimes called a 'bottle boat' as it carried the chemicals in glass carboys

Newly painted up, 1936 Harland and Wolff Town class motor

Onwards to Grub Street Cutting with the iconic High Bridge No.39, complete with the strangely located telegraph pole!

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