Thursday, 29 August 2013

National Trust – Trengwainton Garden, Nr. Penzance

Summer Tour 2013

We are certainly getting value out of our National Trust membership this year.

We took the van up past Penzance to Trengwainton Garden. We had visited many years ago (16 years?), so were looking forward to this occasion.

Putting this visit in a bit of context – the day before we had gone to the Urgent Care Centre in Penzance. Chris had fallen off a canal lock beam in Birmingham and her knee remains still very painful. Happily(!), the result of the X-ray showed 'only' a sprained ligament.

Anyway, to get around the gardens in more comfort and so Chris could also see more of the garden, we asked to use a wheelchair!

The injured party!

The gardens are a mix of woodland with some plantsman specimens and a wonderful kitchen garden. Today there were some intriguing scarecrows as well.


 Beauty and the Beast – my favourite

 The Wicked Witch
The Wolf aka Grandmother!

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