Friday, 12 September 2014

North on the North Oxford Sept 2014

Our Summer Cruise 2014

Day 81 Towards Hillmorton - 6 miles
Day 82 Through Newbold into the country - 7 miles, 3 locks and 1 tunnel
Day 83 Re-visit where it all started at Ansty, then to Hawkesbury - 8 miles

We have continued our leisurely northwards cruise, starting late morning and pulling over early to enjoy the late afternoon sun - what weather we have had!
This post puts together the three days of the passage northwards on the North Oxford.

This stone, sloping edging seems characteristic of the N.Oxford - it meant mooring was only possible in selected places with more recent shuttering.
Note the pound was also down a little

A close pass by nb Crane - fully loaded

Modernised wharf cottages

One for Steve of nb Albert - a modern small tug - here at Hillmorton Wharf

Passing the working boat Battersea - coming back from the Shackerstone Festival?

Going under the West Coast Train Line with routes to Rugby and Northampton

Moored just above Hillmorton Locks - Mr.Swan welcomes us! 

The next day in full sun, we drop down the 3 duplicate (or is that paired?) locks at Hillmorton - all working with easy paddle gear. The central mechanism (not working) is to save water by passing it between the locks

Looking back at the locks

'Captive for a while' - our happy steerer as the boat descends!
Hillmorton Wharf - could do with a tidy up?! 

The 1830's Modernisation of the original meandering Brindley contour N.Oxford resulted in high embankments and deep cuttings - here looking down at the River Swift
The original route goes off here - now the Willow Wren yard at Rugby with a grand Horsely cast iron bridge taking the tow path over

The 'new' tunnel at Newbold with some fancy lighting!

Looking back at the north portal - note the twin towpaths meaning 2 boats could travel and pass at the same time and so speed up passage - boats were horse drawn then of course!

Moored in the country above Hungerfield Bridge No.35 - a great spot!

Another fine day and the last leg to Hawkesbury.
This bridge seems to have had a number of repairs judging by the brickwork

Slowly around a large fallen tree in the Slang Spinney Cutting

Approaching Stretton Stop and Rose Narrowboats - we had our boat surveyed before we bought it - way back in January 2003

Memories of my childhood - Bill and Ben!

Reeds creating a single width passage

Under the M6 - we have driven this loads of times - I know where I'd rather be!

X marks the spot! This is where we first saw (and fell in love with!) Song of the Waterways at it's home mooring at Ansty. We spent several weekends coming down by car getting it ready to cruise back up to Macclesfield in 2003

A happy steerer in the late afternoon sun

Moored on the bend before Hawkesbury Stop Lock - the famous Greyhound Pub.
We went for drink!

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