Sunday, 21 September 2014

North to Great Haywood Sept 2014

Our Summer Cruise 2014

Day 90 Tesco's, Br.68 and a bbq on the Trent & Mersey - 7 miles
Day 91 Great Haywood Junction and the turn to Tixall wide - 4.5 miles and 2 locks
Day 92/93 Tixall Wide

Brindley's concept of the Grand Trunk Canal - now the Trent and Mersey - is amazing! It curls it's way past hamlets and towns, connecting people at a 18th century speed.
And so we cruised into Rugeley where we have often stopped and never stayed?! Today's destination was a close-by Tesco to stock our larder and wine store!
The weather had a warm blanket of comfort with a gentle breeze that whispered bbq!
So we did - out in the country after Br.No.68.

The next day started wet (so jackets for the first time for simply ages!) and locks up to Shugborough. We tested the TV signal which seemed poor so went on via the busy water point outside the Anglo-Welsh Yard and then turned up the Staffs and Worcestershire.
Good moorings to be had at Tixall Wide for the weekend - here til Monday!

Leaves have started to fall - is it now early autumn?

Passing a coal boat by the Armitage Factory

Looking back at the massive Armitage Shanks Factory

Toilets ready for shipping ...

This section features the industrial solidity of these edging girders to combat mining subsistence in the area

Entering the blind Armitage 'Tunnel' - I got off and walked ahead to check!

Armitage Tunnel was cut out of the sandstone ridge - subsequently opened out in 1971 due to subsidence with the A513 running overhead

Rugeley cooling towers

New house building on the outskirts of Rugeley

Moving north from Rugeley - a view of the River Trent

Considerate garden owners have given this 'Swan Area'

Plenty of water flowing around the byweir

Lock 21 at Colwich - a typical Brindley Lock, though with 'stubby' lock beams

Due to the short lock beams, extra weight is added

Giant gunnera - without a zoom?!

Busy boating at the Great Haywood water point

We are heading for Wolverhampton

Great mooring to be had at Tixall Wide - constructed to look like a lake to appease the Landowner Thomas Clifford

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