Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Re-visiting Braunston Sept 2014

Our Summer Cruise 2014

Day 80 - The North Oxford to Braunston Turn with a diversion to the Marina - 8 miles

On another fabulous day, we set north passed Wigram's Turn on the North Oxford section shared with the Grand Union. Not surprisingly the canal was quite busy with a steady passage of boats the other way - some in more of a hurry than others!

We last came this way in August 2004 when bringing the boat back to Cheshire having had the JP2 installed and the welding work done by Graeme at Stockton Dry Dock!

Chris at the helm on a lovely late summer's day

Although this section of the N.Oxford is shared with the Grand Union by way of the 1800's Grand Junction Canal, the bridges would seem to only take narrow gauge boats

Large sweeping bends with 1930's concrete 'improved' edges
A classic view approaching the iconic Braunston Church - a sign that the centre of the canal network is around the corner

We took a 'detour' up the Grand Union to Braunston Marina to visit Tradline Fenders - this was maiden voyage with 'Song of the Waterways in order to get fitted button and fenders - back in March 2003!

Reversing out of the Marina - the famous bridge that all the working boats pass under on the Braunston Heritage Boats weekend in each June

Passing the famous Stop House - for the collection of tolls

Back onto the North Oxford - passing the famous Braunston Turn

A backwards view of All Saints Church as we leave Braunston - a canal area which holds considerable historical interest.
We moored up past Bridge No.88 in the countryside to enjoy the late sun!

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