Saturday, 16 January 2016

New Year News - January 2016

New Year News - January 2016

The new year has got underway and I'm enjoying my favourite pastimes.
Here are some pictures:

Out walking with our Audlem Village Rambling Group - I led this walk over the Sandstone Trail and back around the fields - 10.1miles and 1900ft of climb

The weather has got colder - the back cabin fire is lit!

This is a new starter battery for our Murvi Fiat Motorvan - the older one just gave up before Xmas and so the RAC sprang into action once again!

The Xmas tree goes off to it's new home - the garden of our brother-in-law!
Our Xmas decorations also loaded to go to our store for next year

This is my new day rucksack. A Lowe Alpine Airzone Trail 35.
Kind family xmas present monies funded this!

Walking again with a couple of mates from Audlem Ramblers.
Here at White Nancy - built in White Nancy was built in 1817 by John Gaskell junior to commemorate the victory at the Battle of Waterloo
See this link for more information

Here the waters of the head of the River Dean cascade over the weir at Waulkmill Farm
The Waulk Mill is long gone though the sluice and water course survives

Up on the hills, looking east towards Old Gate Nick Rocks and Pym Chair