Thursday, 20 October 2016

Autumn Docking 2016

Docking - Autumn Oct 2016

Time rolls round for a maintenance docking to black the boat and do some minimal remedial welding.
'Song of the Waterways' was last out and blacked 3 years ago, though this year I decided to complete my summer cruise and get the scraping etc over beforehand.

On the booked date, I brought the boat over to the engineering dock, however, due to the idiosyncrasies of the vintage engine and speedwheel, needed to guide the boat on the docking sledge.

Once on the dock, the views are great, though it is windy!
In discussion with the Workshop Manager, I decided to have some mid-anodes put on.
Blacking and welding completed and the tunnel bands given a fresh coat of paint, The Song is now back in the water, on it's berth for the Winter.

Looking back at my berth, having just reversed out

Slowly approaching the slipway

Up onto the docking sledge

Being towed into position on the dock - the summer flowers have definitely had it!

View from up top!

Up on the blocks, washed off, awaiting inspection

Showing the older anode done in - there is life in the newer one

Looking shipshape with blacking done, counter bands painted and the two pairs of mid-anodes fitted

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Rab Mountain Marathon Sept 2016

Rab Mountain Marathon Sept 2016
Mallerstang Fell - Yorkshire Dales

On the last weekend of September, Daniel, my lad and I, did the Rab MM.
This is a new event for us, earlier in the year so longer days and warmer!
We went up to the Yorkshire Dales in a new area for us, the Mallerstang Fell.

Setting off very early, we made good time and we ready for the off by 9am.
We entered the Long (Elite) Score Course, having 7 hours on Day 1 to get as many check points to score points as possible.

8am - getting ready from the back of the car

9am - at the start

Climbing up looking north

Warm weather - already eating my favourite peanut and marmalade sandwiches

Looing east

Daniel 'resting' on a climb - see his trademark with map tucked in the chest strap

A view down to the Event Centre and the cars

Enjoying the challenge

Dan rests in a rock field

Climbing to the ridge - up and ... up!

The top - 30 points!

Which way Dad?

Er, I'll follow you?!

Overnight campsite - Dan's already in!

Hot water for the adventure food - Pasta Carbonara - yummy!

Life inside a small tent

Start of Day 2 - under the Settle - Carlisle Railway at Garsdale

Up on the moor again - a big open, wonderful space

Looking north back to Mallerstang Edge, where we were on Day 1

East Baugh Fell - beautiful !

Strange stone people!

Dropping onto a pool in a remote area - 30 points - top navigation!

Proud and tired finishers!

Day 1 285 points in 85th of 105 starters 12.5 miles and 3060' of climb
Day 2 235 points in 75th place - 13 miles and  2965' of climb

Overall - 77th out of 105 starters in the Long (Elite) Score Course