Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Brilliant Brassed Off ! - with Congleton Players and Rode Hall Siver Band Apr 2016

Brassed Off!

Our Rode Hall Silver Band (link) has just finished a week of joint performances with Congleton Players in this extraordinary gritty play - based on the famous 1996 film.
Loosely based on the real village of Grimethorpe, Yorkshire, the play is set in 1992 around the colliery pit of Grimley and it's pit brass band.

Congleton Players have won many theatrical awards (and should do so for this excellent production!) so it was a real privilege to be part of the Brass Band in the play.
Rode Hall Silver Band are totally committed to providing quality music and entertainment - we certainly achieved this in Brassed Off!

Rehearsals on stage

On the stairs in the Auditorium for 'Danny Boy' - outside the hospital

Dressed in the 'best' blues - complete with miner's helmet

Another photo - with lamp shining!

The colliery pit wheel - with the rope that Miner Phil tries to kill himself!

The young man playing Phil - still in debt after the 1980's strike and in despair, trying to earn money as a clown. It all gets too much and he attempts suicide - and is saved ... .

Back stage - lamps on - ready to play the brass band march 'Death or Glory' to open the second Act

Rode Hall Silver Band!

What a fantastic experience- to take part in this marvellous play!

[Many thanks to David the Director, Steve our Band Manager, Jake our Assistant Conductor, Anna our Principal Cornet and Chris Sheard for the rehearsal photos]

Friday, 22 April 2016

Mistake in Rab Mini Mountain Marathon April 2016

Rab Mini MM - Grasmere, Lake District Apr 2016

Daniel had come up on the Saturday from London, we had checked our kit and day food and were positive.
Very early Sunday, I drove us up to Grasmere in the Lake District.
The weather was lovely, just right for the 4 hour Score Navigation competition on the fells.

Getting ready for the start - a sunny day in store

Climbing up to look over the fells

Dan strides out on a downhill link section 

A view of the fells

Taking a rest!

Are we going up there - round it looks best?!

Punching a control - 20 more points

Pleased to get back OK!

Unfortunately, we got rather lost on one of the early long legs (I lost my map-reading glasses and so struggled on map detail!).
Perhaps we were too ambitious and ended up running down, back to the Grasmere Event Centre with too much time to get back.
We took 4hr 14min which took us well over the 4 hour limit and paid the price in deducted points.
90 - 40 = 50 points put us in 162nd place out of 198 starters.
We covered about 10 miles with approx. 3000ft of climb.
Perhaps not bad given Dan does no training in London, and I only run occasionally.

We are looking forward to the 2-day Original Mountain Marathon in SW Scotland in October, followed by the third of these Rab Mini MM in November.
Must get training!!

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Dining Delight - 65th Fun! NYMR Pullman Apr 2016

65th Birthday Fun on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway Pullman - April 2016

Many people say that as you get older, birthdays come round quicker but become less important to celebrate?!
For whatever reason, my recent 65th Birthday has been quite significant!
Perhaps it's reaching the 'official' retirement age and am now an OAP!

We stop-over at the Pickering Antiques Yard, North Yorkshire

 Our Murvi Motorvan in the Yard

Just in case you need to know where you are?!

This will be our Pullman Car for the next day's trip

Stanier Black Five 45428 pulls out of Pickering. Built in 1937 by Armstrong Whitworth Engineers in Newcastle upon Tyne

No. 63395 was built at Darlington North Road Works in 1918.
No. 63395 is owned by the North Eastern Locomotive Preservation Group (NELPG) who take care of the repair work needed to keep this locomotive running. No. 63395 is in regular use along NYMR. This will be our loco for the next day.

Advertising works!

We got the regular service train down to Grosmont - departing Platform 3 at 13.30pm

The starting station for our Pullman Dining Delight!

Ready to board!

Framed by curious napkins!

Everything gets ordered in advance

An appropriate birthday beer!

Maybe we'll come on my 79th birthday?

The Pullman Coach No.79 - ready to go!

This is the oldest of the NYMR Pullman coaches - with beautiful woodwork

A view down the plush Pullman interior

Awaiting the signal?

We enjoyed a beautiful, sunny day - a view of the moors

A nostalgic drink!

The end! 
A lovely card from my loverly wife!