Sunday, 25 September 2016

Sailing with Skipper John, off Abersoch Aug 2016

First Sailing Experience Aug 2016

John from our walking group invited me to go for a few days sailing out of Pwllheli Marina, where his 33ft Benetau is moored.
What a fantastic experience - and despite lumpy swell my sea legs were fine!

Thank you John!

Avocet on her mooring in Pwllheli Marina

Leading 1st Seaman takes the helm

Looking towards the south Llyn Penisula 

A view of Abersoch Beach, where we took the tender to - and then back in the dark!

2nd day with 'moderate' swell and a Force 5 - fantastic!

A study in concentration - it's not like a canal boat you know?!

Above is a link to a clip on youtube of us!

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Cruising Home - The Adventure is Completed August 2016

Our Summer Cruise 2016

The Return Home - to Overwater Marina  Aug 2016

On the BCN Main Line and the Birmingham and Liverpool Junction Canal (S.U.C.)

Although this is a delayed post and so much has happened since, it feels as I write it as if it was last week - the mystery of elastic time!

Day 51 Birmingham New Main Line via Factory Locks and the Wolverhampton 21 Locks
                - 15.5 miles and 25 locks
Day 52 From Autherley Junction Stop Lock on the Shropshire Union to Br.No. 24
                - 10.5 miles and 1 lock
Day 53 To Norbury Junction - 5 miles

The above journey was crewed by my son and granddaughter, who did an excellent job of keeping the boat moving, especially down the 21 locks at Wolverhampton. At the foot of the flight, the rain came, heavier and heavier and we turned onto the short section of the Staffs and Worcs Canal at Addersley Junction before the turn at Autherley Junction.
Happily the rain cleared as we moored below the Stop Lock.
Doing this leg in one day means an 8.00am start and a 10 hour day on my heavy boat.

The next day dawned with fine weather and through Wheaton Aston, we did the services and filled up the diesel tank at Turner's Garage - cheap red diesel and easy to pull in!
Stopping in the country, it was bbq time and a relax after yesterday.
Later, I lit the brazier and we sat out around the fire, telling stories and reminiscing!

The last day of my son and granddaughter's cruising holiday was in beautiful weather on the short stretch to Norbury Junction, a favourite stop-over for us.
We had a few beers in the Junction Inn and then another bbq!

In the Wolverhampton Flight of 21 Locks

Granddaughter Lock Wheeler, happy in her work!

The Skipper bringing the boat through

A lending hand!

The rain in sheets

The Skipper has an umbrella, the photographer gets soaked!

Autherley Junction Stop Lock No.1 - looking north up the Shroppie

 And so it was time for my son and Granddaughter to go home. We all got a lift to the Overwater Marina where his car was, and we headed down the M40 to Warwick and the Saltersford Arm Trust where I had left my car.
A return journey back to the Marina where my boating mate and I got a lift from his wife up to Norbury Junction.
So after this car shuffle, we started up the Lister JP and headed north to Market Drayton.

Day 54 At Norbury Junction
Day 55 To Market Drayton Visitor Moorings - 11 miles 5 locks
Day 56 To my berth at Overwater Marina - 7.5 miles 20 locks

On our second day, we experienced delays due to a stricken boat being towed to the marina. The day was extremely windy and it took us a good hour to battle to get bow-in to my berth!!

Home - at last! An eventful summer cruise indeed!

Entering the Overwater Marina

Summer Cruise 2016

Totals: 220.5 miles with 118 locks - taking 135 prop hours, plus using 25 domestic hours