Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Original Mountain Marathon Oct 2016 - Galloway, SW Scotland

Original Mountain Marathon Oct 2016 - Glentrool, Galloway
Day 2 - Sunday 7.15am Start

By Galloway standards, the weather was kind - not that cold and no rain!
We had the earliest of the Day 2 Starts and were soon away, covering the area we had 'spotted' during our overnight planning.
Unhelpfully, the Start location was mismarked on the map and it took a little while to get our route out fixed.

Daniel has really developed as a strategist on these events and he largely planned our route, taking a sweep of the fells around The Minnigaff Hills. My experience told me that an excursion to an outlying control would be just that much too far - we agreed to get to a decision point and then decide!

Morning wake-up to the haunting sounds of the reeds

Dan fills his water bottle with energy powder - 6.45am

Everyone getting ready for Day 2 - 6.50am

The Start - Day 2 - we're off at 7.10am

Early morning stillness across Loch Trool

First big climb of the day - up through rough fell and felled pine brashings

The views are stunning!

Dan's ahead (!) and sets the route across the fell

A photo of a Photographer taking a film of us!
Apparently to be shown on the Adventure Series

Big open spaces! I'm in front this time heading on a contour route around the fell

We circumnavigate above the forest line

The last section was on forest tracks - faster progress and a good deal of running to get back within our 5 hour time limit!
[Still time for a photo though!]

Arriving back! Relieved (my dodgy knee held up) and very tired - at least I was!

Proud Father and Son finishers in the Medium Score Event!
We managed a fantastic 49th place on Day 2 - which just about made up for our disappointing mistakes and placing yesterday.
Covering 12 miles and 3000ft of climb over rough open fell country, we were very pleased with this second day.

Walking up to the Event Centre Tent

When we got through Control Download, we got 'selected' for a kit check!
Daniel was happy about this - I was exhausted and just got my whistle out!

 Overall result over the 2 Days - 21.5 miles and 5824ft of climb in 10hr 38min
69th out of 154 starters and 146 finishers
30th out of the 31 Vet Teams finishing

Overall, in retrospect, we are very pleased with this result. We recovered well on Day 1 to get some points and showed our potential on Day 2.
We had a great time up on the fells together - there is something special about doing it together - and we know there is more to come given being injury free and good navigation!!
Til next year?!

Monday, 7 November 2016

Original Mountain Marathon Oct 2016 - Galloway, SW Scotland

Original Mountain Marathon Oct 2016 - Glentrool, Galloway
Day 1 - Saturday 8.00am Start

Daniel and I made the journey across the border to SW Galloway for our fifth go at our annual Mountain Marathon test!
We were reasonably fit and have done more races this year in preparation than previously.
A distinct downside was I was still carrying a knee injury having fallen in the Dales a few weeks earlier.
Anyway, with great anticipation of the competition ahead we walk into the Galloway forest for our 8.00am start.

Event Headquarters at Glentrool

At the start with the flash catching the rain 

Up onto the fells - the mist got thicker as we climbed!
We failed to locate the first Control and took ages before moving on and struggling to find the second Control. Having lost a good hour plus, we needed to move fast to make up lost ground!

Daniel looking serious alongside a Scottish burn

Looking down the steep slope into the forest - we follow the stream!

On the side of the fell - which way Dad?

Looking back up

Found it - and 'dibbed' the Control for 30 points

Approaching the last Control of Day 1 - made it with 10 mins to spare of the 6 hours allowed

Having pitched the tent etc- Dan puts on his shoes using a plastic bag over dry socks

My end of our spacious tent for two!

Almost asleep?!

Time for another brew?

Enjoying the luxury of the warm tent!

Day 1 Saturday - 180 points 5hr 49min 99th out of 154
  9.5 miles and 2824ft