Monday, 12 May 2014

Boat Maintenance – May 2014

Now we are back at the Marina from our Kent extended stay, it's time to get some boat maintenance done before we go on our Summer Cruise.
This year, I want to get the roof painted up, including the toplights and aft hatch as they are looking 'weathered' – even after only a year!

We have brought the boat over to the Wet Dock area in the marina and have a 2 week period to get as much of the work done as possible here.

Berthed at the wet dock – with the flower tubs on the bank
With the roof cleared onto the the decking and 'temporary' plywood boards covering the roof openings
Sanding down to hopefully provide a key to the new paint
Using zinc rust proof paint on the worst sections
Followed by a primer/undercoat
Front hold acting as a 'temporary paint shop'

Having dodged the rain showers and been frustrated by the weather – there seemed to be a period of dry, if somewwhat windy weather coming in on Friday.
With two new tins of Craftmaster Raddle Red, I set to with a small roller and got the job done.

Roof painted up til next time. My records in the Log Book show that it was last done in June 2011, so we have had 3 years 'worth'.

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