Thursday, 24 March 2016

Lister JP2M - Renewal of Diesel Control Rod March 2016

JP2 Improvements - March 2016

Our Lister JP2 Marine Engine has a brass rod diesel control system.
This brass rod was worn when we go the engine in 2000 - so time for renewal.

This is a re-built Lister JP2M at the Ellesmere Port Boat Museum.
As you can see it dates from 2012 and shows the horizontal brass control rod running from the vertical arm, forward. The brass rod is supported/restrained by a bracket halfway along - it is this bracket that is causing the wear

This photo shows the original (worn) rod alongside a new piece of bar

A further view of the worn bar!

I use this Engineering Works to help me - the Engineer did the job in the day!

Old and new!

 The new brass control rod fitted - complete with the new spring.
The adjustment bolts are on the left-hand end and will need a touch when the engine next runs. both cold and hot.
A job well done!

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