Saturday, 25 January 2014

A mild 2014 winter?

This year seems quite mild – it's a balmy 10 centigrade down here in Kent – at least compared with some previous years.

Here are selection of photos of the boat in much colder conditions!!

Taken in 2009 during that really cold extended period - we had temperatures of minus 17degrees here on Bollington Wharf!

Again taken at Bollington (we had moved up as the mooring decking was in disrepair on our original berth). We had another extended period of icy conditions.

This was taken the week before Xmas, 2011. We had finished the bed 'ole fit out with Bourne Boats at Kerridge Dry Dock and were waiting for the winter stoppages to finish.
We had cruised down to the top of Bosley Locks (top lock in photo) to the facilities there.
We got iced in for 4 days, though fortunately, it melted as we set off round to our winter mooring at Overwater Marina.

Taken last Jan 2103, another cold period. We were cosy at the marina with our Webasto heater and mains electric fires on thermostats when needed. On very cold days, I would light up the Boatman's Cabin stove for additional heating in the stern.
However, there's plenty of time yet for a winter freeze-up?

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