Friday, 17 January 2014

Tewkesbury and the 2014 Floods

The pictures of the floods along the lower River Severn show just how much rain/water is coming down the river and meeting the River Avon at Tewkesbury.

The Avon Lock is just at the place where the two rivers join.
We have been through there several times on our previous boat, nb Alcantara and also visited on our Avon cruise in August 2011.

The first photo is our boat, nb Song of the Waterways, moored below the Avon Lock, just by the large mill.

Look behind the boat to the corner of the mill – the railings are on the towpath of the River Avon length (called the Mill Avon)

The tall black vertical pilings are the flood-protection moorings allowing the floating pontoon to rise and fall.
This photo shows the towpath railings form the Avon level (ie top level). Note the arched bridge across the Mill Avon

The next series of photos are taken from this year's news pictures.
The white-fronted houses on the left can just be seen on the photo below




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