Monday, 22 June 2015

Pitched Perfect - St.Martin's June 2015

We are pitched in a new position - this our third stop at this wonderful campsite on the island of St.Martin's, Isles of Scilly. Possibly a little more exposed to the wind though in full sunlight.
We have brightly coloured flowers as our personal garden.

The tides have been high (and therefore low) this last week, so a few of us made the 1 mile walk out to Guther's Island. We had to follow a route across the sandy bars of Jack's Ledge and Moths Ledge before wading knee deep across the channel onto the sandy Guther's Bar. There were nesting sea birds on the rocks so we didn't disturb them!
You have about an hour to get back before the tide turns and comes in fast! We made it - though with cold feet!

Looking out to Guther's Island with the castle like 'tors'

These rocks are granite - very similar to my beloved Peak District.
They make for good nesting for the variety of gulls and terns here

A view back to our beach - as you can see the weather was quite murky with a cold wind.
It's a mile back across the sand bars and a wade through the Broad Ledge channel

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