Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Hi de Hi!

Summer Tour to Cornwall 2013

Our first campsite in Cornwall is back to last year's at St.Ives, Cornwall.

This is a Temporary Holiday Site run by the Cornwall Camping and Caravan Club – based on the fields above the St.Ives Rugby Club. The benefit for us is we can park up the van and use a shuttle bus to get us down into town @ £1 a go.

Looking NE across the campsite – see the rugby posts and the mobile phone post (so excellent mobile and 3 dongle signals!)

Looking across to Godfrey Island Lighthouse

Low tide at the harbour
I've been in the sea each day so far – twice swimming (no surf) and yesterday body boarding in 3ft waves. I have the benefit of my old wetsuit to keep out the wind/cold!

Our pitch with wetsuit drying (fire bucket)

It's been really windy high up here on the hillside – so much so that we gave up trying to get the tent up!

A deflated tent! We then packed it away again!

Rain and sun!

After rain earlier today, it has brightened up and the wind dropped – so no.2 go at putting the tent up. Success!

Tent pitched and wind break doing it's job!

X marks our spot!

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