Friday, 5 July 2013

Norbury Junction – on the way back

Summer Cruise 2013 – Sat 29th June

Day 25: Norbury Junction for the weekend
                  10.5 miles and 1 lock in 4 engine hours

I went into town for some shopping and considered whether to stop on for the British Lions Test in a local pub. With the 'window' of getting cheap diesel at Wheaton Aston before it closed and that we had no TV or 3-dongle at Brewood – it was off we set.

Interesting looking barge – we followed this up into Birmingham 2 years ago

The long straights – typical of Telford's modern design(1835 Brimingham and Liverpool Junction Canal)

Equally, a straight route means cutting abound – here at Ryehill Cutting near Br.No.23

'Thomas Telford' watches over us as we go under Bridge 25

On the way up, I noticed a boat at High Onn Wharf from Valencia Wharf – home of the Les Allen Yard – our hull builder. Having been on the Birmingham Canals and spoken with boaters from the Allen Register, I've improved my skill at spotting an Allen built boat.

Here is the one at High Onn Wharf (for canal boat anoraks!)

Typical Allen bow

Typical Allen counter

The desire to shorten navigation route (and therefore save valuable travel time) required all of Telford's engineering ability to pick the route through undulating terrain.

Here it approaches Gnossal and the band of sandstone traversing the Shropshire plain.

Narrow cutting approaching Gnossal Tunnel

This is a 'rough cut' tunnel showing the sandstone rock

Emerging into the sunlight again!
Possibly blocks of stone were cut for use on the canal elsewhere?

We arrived at Norbury Junction for the weekend – good TV for the F1 at Silverstone and the Tour de France! And a pint of ale.






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