Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Rode Hall Silver Band Success! - NW Area Champs Mar 2015

Each year, our brass band prepares for the challenge of the NW Area Championships held at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool.
I missed last year so was eager to contribute this year and more so as the 4th Section Test piece of music was very enjoyable to play - which is just as well given the number of rehearsals we put in to 'perfect' it!
This year, I was asked to play the 2nd Cornet part which had the added bonus of me playing in a quartet movement allowing the challenge of some exposed playing!

The atmosphere is great in the Band at the moment and everybody has been working hard to bring this Test music up to a high standard.
Under our Musical Director, Nigel, we went to the Brass at the Guild Contest at Preston and came away with a very creditable 4th place.

Nigel stepped aside due to family priorities and our new Conductor, Aiden, took us for the last month in preparation for Sunday's Contest.
It has been a big commitment, hard work and lots of fun - so arriving at Blackpool, we were excited and confident we could do well.

Morning rehearsal at the Duke of York Pub in Blackpool

Last 'tricky' bits rehearsed

Laughter - relaxing us!

Great fun playing alongside the emerging talent on the Back Row
Last Band 'motivational' from Aiden, our Conductor 
Rode Hall sticks together in the Winter Gardens, before going into the Preparation Room
The view that greeted us as we took our seats in the very impressive Emperor's Ballroom
We played really well, considering the challenges, and had great, immediate comments from 4BarsRest. Then the wait!
And yes - we were placed 6th in the very competitive NW 4th Section!
An excellent result - so a big thank you to fellow band members and our MD, Nigel and Aiden, who prepared us over the last few weeks and encouraged the best performance result by Rode Hall Silver Band.


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