Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The Rochdale 9 - 1st Oct 12

We delayed setting off early by going for a cheapo breakfast at the nearby YHA. They had sold out and so we came back to the boat for a cooked breakfast. As we set off it belted with rain while taking on a full tank of fresh water and continued for a couple of locks before clearing into a reasonable days locking.

We had no trouble from anybody and the prop stayed free.
Even the 'lonely' characters under the Piccadilly building were OK.

We came up in 4 hours, Chris on the helm and me locking, turning through Piccadilly Basin to the 24 hour secure moorings at the Piccadilly Village.

The start of the Rochdale 9 – locking up – at Dukes 92 Pub
Under Deansgate – the tunnel

Under Oxford Rd – hemmed in by buildings old and new
the (in)famous Canal Street
No towpath – so a ride up the narrows - too early for folk?
Plenty of water coming down
Into the black hole
Under Piccadilly

Which ways?
Our secure overnight mooring at Piccadilly Village

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